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What we do

Effective quality educational governance is an essential part of the mix for any successful school, along with effective quality management. ASCIV has continually trained and supported School Councils/Boards seeking to build their governance skills and improve their student outcomes. We have produced the first on only definitive guide for School Council Governance in Australia.

We started back in 1914

The Association began at the Ballarat School of Mines in 1914, evolved into the Technical Schools Association (TSAV), became ACPPIV when membership opened to all secondary schools, and ASCIV a decade later when primary and specialist schools joined. That’s nearly a century of service.

We are not a parent organisation

ASCIV is a school council organisation which represents the principal (as Executive Officer), staff representatives, parent representatives, community members and student councillors equally. It is a small but very important distinction because effective School Councils or Boards are not about them and us, individual agendas or micro managing our Schools and Colleges.

We are non-party political

ASCIV is non-party political and we work with the Government(s) of the day, as we have done for 90 years, in the best interests of good governance and to ensure the best outcomes for all students.

We are not government funded

We receive NO government funding, but draw our support from membership subscriptions, our professional training activities and the sponsors featured on this site who share our governance philosophy and respect our judgement.

Our trainers are trained

ASCIV staff are accredited school governance trainers. And they are all experienced school councillors from a broad range of professional backgrounds.

We offer the wider perspective

ASCIV works cooperatively with similar governance focused organisations in Australia and New Zealand through it’s Co-Presidency of the National Organisation of School Council Associations (NOSCA).

We also maintain strong links with like-minded organisations around the world.

While many things have changed over the years, our commitment to excellence in school governance remains as strong as ever. If you need further convincing, simply give us a call.

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