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ASCIV has been working with Heatherwood during 2007 providing assistance and direction so that we can develop strong relationships with our school and wider community. Stephen Franzi-Ford and Jane Conway-Clark have worked with the school in a number of roles. They managed the School Council Election, provided a one day training course for School Council Members, consultation at a number of Council meetings, advice on the role of School Council and the important part Councillors play in shaping the future growth of the school.

Stephen and Jane have built a relationship as critical friends to the school, providing their years of experience and expertise in School Council development. Good governance, roles and responsibilities, building relationships are all key elements in shaping future growth. ASCIV has provided the school with a sound framework for this to occur.

Stephen and Jane’s willingness to spend the time to understand the issues and then to offer guidance, reassurance and positiveness has assisted the school in moving forward. They have offered support and professional objectivity which has been greatly appreciated by the school.

This has been a very rewarding partnership and has provided the school with a road map for future growth and quality practices in education. ASCIV has displayed at all times, the professionalism and care that earns respect, both from the school as a whole, and from each of us as individuals.

Principal Heatherwood School

Why Use An Independent Bookkeeper Melbourne

Why Use An Independent Bookkeeper Melbourne

Businesses looking to get a trusted bookkeeper Melbourne will want to consider getting an independent bookkeeper. With an independent bookkeeper Melbourne, businesses will be able to take advantage of a number of benefits offered to them by this type of bookkeeper. The benefits that an independent bookkeeper Melbourne offers a business include saving money, saving time, providing more efficient money management and also tips on how to minimize its tax liability. These benefits will be sure to help any business maximize its profits as well as ensuring that they are in the best financial condition at all times. 

The first apparent benefit of an independent bookkeeper Melbourne is saving money. Since this is an outsourced professional, a business will not have to worry about paying a salary along with payroll taxes. As a result they can use some of that surplus money to finance things such as better equipment, more improved inventory, and also money to use for marketing and generating more sales. 

Another way in which an independent bookkeeper Melbourne at Digitpro can benefit a business is allowing the company owners to save time. Instead of having to devote a considerable portion of the day calculating financial transactions, an independent bookkeeper can do all of this for the business and enable the owners to focus on other things that benefit the business such as generating more sales. 

When using independent bookkeepers in Melbourne, companies will also have the opportunity to have someone who will more efficiently manage the money as well as get advice on how to lower their tax liability. With these benefits businesses will have a trusted professional to help them ensure that they remain profitable and improve their chances of financial success.

What Matters When Hiring a DJ in Melbourne

What Matters When Hiring a DJ in Melbourne
In many events, people end up losing psyche because of issues like poor planning and lack of selection of the right items to enhance the theme. As much as planning an event can be challenging, it is no excuse to lack the right type of entertainment. Hiring a DJ comes as a prerequisite to a marvelous event and this is something that everyone can achieve. Hiring a DJ in Melbourne is a process and this is what most people fail to appreciate. You do not just walk around and pick any individual for the job. It is necessary to match the right person with the event to ensure all services offered are in sync with the atmosphere. 

When Hiring a DJ in Melbourne, it is necessary to hold several considerations that can help to reveal the reliability of the person. Such include the number of years he/she has been in business as well as the number of events the DJ has performed in. More people are venturing into this field and some are motivated by making quick money at the expense of offering the right services. Hiring a DJ in Melbourne, therefore, involves a lot of vetting to ensure the right professionals are identified for the job. Take some time to go through the samples offered as this helps one to ascertain the reliability of the DJ at Discosource DJ. 

A DJ is not a supernatural being to an extent that he/she will understand what wants. When Hiring a DJ in Melbourne, it is advisable to offer a playlist that one finds perfect for the event to ensure everything is done in the right manner. Also confirm whether the DJ is comfortable playing the kind of music provided as this affects the final quality of the event. If you are planning on Hiring a DJ in Melbourne, ensure you have spotted the best professional for the event.

The World of Dog Beds Online

The World of Dog Beds Online

Dog beds online are extremely plentiful. If a person visits a pet supply shop on the Internet, then he’ll surely come across a selection of dog beds. Pinpointing quality dog beds online, however, can sometimes require a little more attention to detail. Since so many shops sell dog beds online, it’s extremely important for owners to be selective in purchasing them.

Buying dog beds online involves many others considerations apart from price. Many dog beds available for purchase online indeed are on the inexpensive side, but it can be very frustrating to order something on the Internet only for it to arrive and dash all expectations and hopes.

When people buy Cheap dog beds online from, they should be extremely diligent and careful. Otherwise, they could end up wasting their money on a product that just isn’t up to par. If the material of a doggy bed is uncomfortable, then there’s a strong chance that a pooch just won’t bother sleeping in or resting in it. If a doggy bed is too small and too tight for a mid-sized dog, then there’s a strong chance he won’t ever go into it in the first place, too.

If a person sees listings for pet beds at websites for online retailers, she should assess all of the information that’s provided. Pertinent details include size, material and appearance. While it’s crucial to make sure that a dog bed is the right size and material, it’s also crucial to make sure that the appearance matches the rest of the home. If a person wants a dog bed to last a long time in her residence, then she’ll probably want to make sure that it’s something she enjoys looking at on a daily basis. If she doesn’t like how it looks, she may tire of it and quickly look for another option.